Courses available for groups



The Spiral of Prayer: Learning to pray and going deeper - 5 sessions


There is a deep longing within each of us to relate to God on a personal basis, one to one. But how do we do this? What are some of the pitfalls? Through the use of PowerPoint we will explore the elements of prayer in this course. In particular we will focus on prayer as a relationship. We will also explore issues such as finding the time to pray and what do we actually have to do anyway? What about things such as unanswered prayer? We will also turn to the Scriptures to see what they say about prayer and we will look at particular individuals for whom prayer was very important.


Christian Meditation - 6 sessions


Most people have heard of meditation and have also heard that itʼs supposed to be good for health, particularly if we are stressed. But Christian meditation is more than that. Thomas Merton said that it has two purposes: to discover who I am and to discover who God is. The aim of this course is to help you on this journey. We will also explore some of the ʻins and outsʼ of meditation, including its health benefits. We will also look at some of problems associated with it and other issues such as, how long and in what position we should meditate, as well as other related topics. We will also look at different the methods of meditating. Each session will include a time of meditation using a different aspect.


The Art of Sacred Reading - 4 sessions


We are seemingly overwhelmed with information these days. Given that, how do we engage with the material we are reading? How do we make reading the Scriptures far more different to reading the newspaper? This course introduces participants to the art of Sacred Reading, using the ancient method of Lectio Divina. It sounds either scary or impressive, but itʼs actually simple. There are four stages and these are not so much steps as being the tide on the shore-line, moving backwards and forwards. Its aim is to help participants approach their time of sacred reading in a formational, rather than an informational manner. There will also be opportunities for practice as well.


The Palestine of Jesus - 4 sessions


Using a computerised PowerPoint presentation, we will explore the life of Jesus within its geographical setting. We will also focus on places associated with the birth stories, and His ministry, in places around the shore of the Sea of Galilee and Caesarea Philippi, along with the Transfiguration experience, generally associated with Mt. Tabor. We will then journey south to Jerusalem to look at the places associated with the final week of His earthly life. The course will conclude with a look at the places connected with some of the Resurrection appearances. By the end of the course, participants will have a much greater appreciation of the geographical settings in Jesusʼ life and ministry.


Experiencing the wonder of Godʼs time: Using the Daily Office - 3 sessions


Using the Daily Office, which is a set form of worship that can be said individually or as a group is important for many Anglicans. So what is the Office and how do we say it? What is a Lectionary (the daily readings set out in a booklet) and how do we use it? What am I trying to do in saying the Office? In using the psalms, some of them are fairly terrible; how can I say those in all honesty? So many questions. But there are answers and this course aims to provide them and many more to help you to gain a deeper appreciation of one particular way of ʻmoving into Godʼs timeʼ. The Office has a long history and has enriched many lives down through the years. Yours could be one too!


Intercessions - 1 session


This one-session course aims to assist those who have the task of leading intercessions during worship. Using handouts we will look at general ʻdos and donʼtsʼ prior to preparing the intercessions, as well as writing them out or saying them in an extempore fashion. Which is best or doesnʼt it really matter? What resources might you draw on in preparation? Then too, there is the delivery what are some ʻdoʼs and donʼtsʼ when it comes to saying them in a public setting. The session aims to help all people gain greater confidence in leading intercessions.


The Way of Pilgrimage - 4 sessions


It has been estimated in Western Europe alone there are now well over 6000 pilgrimage
centres with over 100 million visits per. 60 million of these are considered to be religiously
motivated. In these four sessions we explore something of the world of pilgrimage. We will
look at some of the terminology and the biblical roots and history of pilgrimage. A look at
several specific sites will be followed by the film The Way and a discussion. Finally we will
look at pilgrimage today, how we might be pilgrims ourselves, and how we might develop
churches as pilgrimage sites.


Tuning to the heartbeat of God: the stages of our spiritual development


This Course focusses on helping us to understand the stages of our spiritual development following the time-honoured tradition known as the Three Ways or Three Stages with its roots in our Scriptures. These follow on from conversion and are known as the Purgative (the stage of integration), the Illuminative and the Unitive Ways. We will look at the steps that someone takes through these stages and the sign posts along the way that mark each stage of this life-long journey.