Essays on Sprituality


Here are some essays on spirituality. These may be downloaded as pdf files for you to read at your leisure. We will be adding to this collection from time to time so please return.

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Spirituality: A collection of essays




Finding the presence of God in Creation


... want to explore something of the crisis we face, something of what the Christian Scriptures say about creation with a particular focus on the Genesis creation stories and then how we might respond to it all. In a paper such as this I can only briefly touch on things and I certainly don't claim to be any kind of expert. My own position is "Christian" rather than "Green". Download the full essay as a pdf file here.


Immersed in the Splendour of Worshipping God
Using the Daily Office


This paper is about saying the Daily Office, which is the Anglican form of Morning and Evening Prayer. I normally do this each day in the Church. Of course it does not have to be said there. It can be said anywhere. I don't want to set myself up as some kind of expert who never gets it wrong or who unfailingly says it. Like most clergy, I try, but there are times when I struggle with it. Download the full essay as a pdf file here.


Spiritual Direction


In this paper I wish to explore and develop our understanding and appreciation of spiritual direction. It is a rich lode that can help us on our journey deeper into God. All should be encouraged to participate in it, but as we shall see, it should not be undertaken lightly.Download the full essay as a pdf file here.


Spirituality and the Older Person


When I was around the age of 24 or 25, in my first parish and newly ordained, a parishioner who was aged about 40 said to me that he was changing jobs. He was an RAA mechanic and was tired of crawling over and under cars. He was going to become a security guard. I really couldn't understand what he was on about! But I understood precisely when I reached the age of 40. Download the full essay as a pdf file here.